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Travel in your own clean environment bubble

Breathing Better offers an air purifying system for small, enclosed spaces (10 sqm / 110 sqft) ideal for private or corporate vehicles. Enjoy purified air on the move. Our existing clients include:

  • Taxis
  • Delivery vans (small items)
  • Delivery trucks (bulk items)
  • Boat cabins
  • Campervans and caravans 

A lot of us spend a significant amount of time commuting or travelling in a vehicle. When you open the window to enjoy the fresh air, you run the danger of allowing impure, health-threatening particles into your vehicle.

Concern over the Air Quality Index (AQI) is as important inside your vehicle as it is outside. Air trapped inside a vehicle may contain dust particles, mould, bacteria, and pathogens. Even your vehicle carpets may contain formaldehyde. Un-purified air is a danger to health, so it makes sense to install a portable air purifier to ensure the best possible air quality.

Hay Fever

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Eliminate toxins in your vehicle with an Air Purifier

Our multi functional unit is convenient, small and can be fitted anywhere in your vehicle. Plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter socket, this vehicle purifier not only purifies the air but also leaves a fragrance in your car, making you and your passengers journey more pleasant. And that’s just the start of the benefits;

  • Healthy air for you and your family
  • Safeguard asthmatics and others with bronchial conditions
  • Keep your passengers safe from allergens
  • Eliminate traffic fumes from other vehicles
  • Maintain your car’s value by eliminating unpleasant odours

The technology behind your vehicle Air Purifier

Allergy and Asthma Air Purifiers

These types of air purifiers are perfect for those who suffer from severe allergies, as they capture airborne pollen, dust and other allergens. They often feature HEPA and/or activated charcoal filtration. 

An activated charcoal filter works by removing microscopic particles via chemical adsorption. By treating it with oxygen, carbon becomes activated, opening up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. This creates a huge surface area in a small space, perfect for absorbing microscopic contaminants like dust and pollen.

NOTE:  Air purifiers can’t actually cure allergies or asthma; however, an air purifier designed to filter airborne allergens offers substantial relief by reducing triggers.

Smoke and Odour Air Purifiers

Powerful charcoal filters make it easy to eliminate the toughest smoke and/or odors from your indoor air. Working with a smoker may be a fact of life for many people, but living with smoke doesn’t have to be. The workplace environment can be purified and kept fresh with an air purifier designed to eliminate smoke and odor-bearing particles.

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HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters trap microscopic contaminants, eliminating 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns. 

The HEPA filter’s fibres are essential for trapping particles in the air flow. Passing through the filter, the air carries various contaminants. Particles larger than one micron stick quickly to the fibers as the air flows through. Smaller, lighter particles keep “going with the flow” longer before bumping into a fiber. The HEPA’s accordion-style pleats create many obstacles, ensuring that even the tiniest particles get trapped by the fibres.


In the Home

Breathing Better has a range of air purifiers designed specifically to improve the quality of your home environment.


At the Workplace

Keep your work environment safe and healthy with one of our range of air purifiers designed exclusively for the workplace.